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Using the foundations of the latest scientific discoveries in brain research, neurobiology, cognition and neurosciences, coupled with philosophy, InfaB has been working on opportunities and solutions for our life over the last ten plus years. The arrival of the digital age and the continually changing form of the general public take center stage in this endeavor. We are talking about the synchronization of the deepest parts of our soul with the opportunities presented by new technologies. Executive leadership is continually faced with new challenges, and optimized reputation management becomes increasingly vital. All societal, economic, and political sectors are subject to new demands; the old rules and values often no longer apply or are completely ignored. The challenge is turning these conditions to one’s own advantage.

The code for stable and successful leadership

Man is and remains the measure of all things. He is the sum of his biological traits and his development in the world. Deep within our consciousness rests our individual code that makes us unique, and the person we are. But who knows their own code…? InfaB is working on decoding our natural personality, and from there develops synchronization with our goals and responsibilities. These foundations matter less and less in our society. Instead, reputation is based on technical qualifications, capacity, connections, and, too often, the coincidence of being in the right place at the right time. In this system, we distance ourselves ever further from our original coding over the course of our lives. We are ground down and misshaped until we reach the point when we ask: What is the purpose of all this and am I doing the right thing…? It should not come to that. Before we reach an existential crisis, we can pull back and use that energy for a leap forward and innovation.

The creative strategy of capitalizing on both risk and defeat

People who dare to take risks have to risk losing. There are factors beyond our control that may have significant impact on our success. Recognizing risks early on, and taking a sober account of our strengths and weaknesses are measures that can ensure survival. Once defeat has occurred, resigning or retreating are no longer options. Supported by the InfaB Code©, gain time to establish a new position to develop strategies to recapture what was lost, or to have success in a new area. Man has natural gifts to cope with risks, fears, and losses; these must be activated. This is the only way we can regain our strength to face new challenges. Sometimes it is the wrong path, the inappropriate approach, or not the right field. In these instances, we need a new strategy, a recalibration of the personal compass. If the personality is well-balanced, no turbulence will be able to set it off course.

Arbeitswelt der Zukunft

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In seinem zukunftsweisenden Beitrag beschreibt Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Schwintowski (Humboldt-Universität Berlin) warum die Regelaltersgrenze wackelt, wie die freie Wahl des Renteneintrittsalters begründet werden kann und welche Belebung durch eine fähigkeitenbasierte Modularisierung der Arbeitswelt…

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